Waifu of the Week (#45) – Azuki

That’s right, it’s about time I, Yomu, selected a waifu once again. Get us away from all of the Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid gals that Lynn has been choosing week after week.

And my choice brings us another catgirl from Nekopara…


So all of the catgirls of Nekopara are cute, and really they’re all waifu material. As I’ve already chosen Coconut as waifu in the past, I figured I’d go from the largest catgirl to the smallest, with Azuki.

Azuki has a fairly fiery temper, and she seems to be one of the smarter cats of the bunch, although that doesn’t stop her from getting into cat fights. What I really like about her, aside from being a fairly capable cat, is that she’s small and cute. Azuki looks like she’s the perfect height for petting, and her small stature also means she’d be great to cuddle with.

Like I said, all of the Nekopara catgirls are waifu material, so this was a semi-arbitrary decision. But I do like Azuki, and think she’s very cute. Her and Coconut together make a great pair of waifus.

And so that’s this week’s waifu with Azuki, another catgirl from Nekopara!

If you want to see more of Azuki, or Nekopara, you can see my coverage of the series here:


  1. Is it a coincidence that Coconut is in most of those pictures? I don’t think so!

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