Waifu of the Week (#48) – Archmage Demia

This weeks waifu is none other than the Archmage Demia from Ishuzoku Reviewers.
Or, a copy of her at least…

Ishuzoku Episode 10 Demia

Copy of Archmage Demia

Yep, it’s the copy. Reason for this is, we don’t actually know too much about the real Archmage Demia, other than that she’s appears to be a tad greedy and scheming. Clearly a powerful woman… but we’re not interested in the real deal here.

Instead the copy is the real waifu, as she’s willing to devote her existence to being the perfect waifu. Cooking, cleaning, teaching… and much more! She’s also got one of the most exaggerated appearances you could find in an anime woman, with all the proportions. Technically she’s a prostitute, but just like the fact that this is a copy of a woman created by magic, we’ll just gloss over the finer details…

I mean, look at her!

If you want to see more of Demia and the other Ishuzoku Reviewers gals, check out our coverage of the series below! Please don’t mind the stupidly long episode titles!

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