Waifu of the Week (#50) – Reiko Arisugawa

Looks like we’ve made it to a nice round 50 waifus! That’s great. Rounding off this waifu count is Reiko Arisugawa, the well-endowed and well mannered elite girl from Shomin Sample.

Shomin Sample Episode 2 Reiko Arisugawa

Reiko Arisugawa

Reiko isn’t the brightest girl when it comes to the world. Her strongest trait is definitely her naivety, but that doesn’t stop her from always making an effort. Plus I think she’s smarter than she often lets on.

Regardless, Reiko has all of the qualities of a great waifu. She looks great, she’s got great assets, and her personality is such that she’d probably find you to be the most interesting person she’d ever met. Considering the school she attends is aimed at educating rich girls on… rich girl things? Such as flower arranging, and embroidery… I think it’s safe to say she should be easy enough to entertain.

Not sure about her cooking ability or anything else on that front, she probably relies on the servants to handle that!

Shomin Sample Episode 12 Reiko Cleavage Dress

If you want to see more of Reiko, and her classmates, check out my coverage of Shomin Sample here:

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