Waifu of the Week (#52) – Karen Jinryou

I’d been waiting to choose Karen as Waifu of the Week, and now that we’ve covered some of her best moments in Shomin Sample, now is the time to lock Karen in as a waifu!

Shomin Sample Episode 3 Karen Shock

Karen Jinryou

Karen isn’t a unique character by any means. You could basically sum her up as that girl that at first appears to be a tsundere, but then we quickly learn she’s a masochist, or has masochistic tendencies. I guess maybe this archetype isn’t that common, but it feels like it is.

Anyways, Karen is like that. The tsundere that isn’t very good at hiding her true feelings / intentions. Which usually makes her appear even more cute than a pushy girl or someone like that. Also, despite the name, this Karen won’t ask to see your manager or try to pick a fight in public over nothing.

Of course, I can say as much as I want about her character, but we all know the reason she’s waifu is because she looks too good in tight shorts, or dare I say, booty shorts. Now this is an area that ecchi clearly hasn’t explored enough! As much as I love swimsuits and lingerie, it feels like the genre could use more booty shorts. Take a look and see for yourself!

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