Waifu of the Week (#53) – Sunao Sumeragi

Never can it be said that I am not willing to change my mind on something. In this instance, it’s Sunao Sumeragi from Tsugumomo who nows surprisingly finds herself as the latest Ecchi Hunter Waifu of the Week!

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I remember not liking Sunao the first time we met her in Tsugumomo. She was brash and a little ridiculous. After all, she picked a fight with Kazuya’s mother who had apparently robbed her of her vengeance on the amasogi that killed her brother. When she discovered the Kazuya’s mother had died, she transferred her rage to Kazuya. None of this made any sense, but it did give us a nice fight to end the series with and several awesome high-kicking panty shots.

Fast forward to season two (which was only a week with the way I was reviewing it), Sunao’s mother was disappointed that Sunao had forced a fight and then lost. She was not going to be able to inherit unless she could make it right, which meant marrying Kazuya… At first, this seemed fairly harsh and a little crazy, but the more we got to see of Sunao attempting to appease her mother, who is a great mix of stunning and terrifying, the more we got to see Sunao’s vulnerable side. She made a bit impression on me in that episode and I’m not firmly shipping Sunao and Kazuya.

It a time where people are quick to make a decision and incredibly reluctant to change their minds, it speaks volumes of the change in character that we’ve seen in Sunao from the end of season one to the beginning of season two. I hope that she will continue to be in it going forward. It’s going to be interesting to see how Kiriha handles Sunao’s affections towards Kazuya, especially after the hard time she gave Kazuya’s father. Either way, we need to also see more of Sunao’s mother too, but maybe that’s for another post!

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