Waifu of the Week (#54) – Masamune Usami

This week’s waifu is Mayo Chiki’s Masamune Usami, or just Usami. Or Usami-chan. Or… whatever you’d like to call her. She’s the waifu.

Mayo Chiki! Ecchi Usami Blush

Masamune Usami

Usami is somewhat of a typical tsundere in many ways. She has a hell of a kick, and doesn’t hesitate to do just that. But then she also seems to be totally fine with getting up close and personal with Jirou, as proofed by when she rubbed up against him in her swimsuit “to help him get used to being near women” of course. No other motives.

Anyways, she’s developed enough to become a great character. Super cute, a bit of an attitude, but super cute. Cute is the only requirement of making the waifu list, so while I could go on, I really don’t need to right?

And there you have it. Usami is a cute gal and great waifu material. If you want to see more of her check out my coverage of Mayo Chiki here:

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