Waifu of the Week (#55) – Kuroko Smith

If you’ve only seen one episode of Monster Musume, you’ll probably think I’m crazy, but if you’ve any more than that, then you’ll know! Anyhow, who doesn’t like a bit of authority in their girls?

Waifu Wednesday

I’ve done it again… Sorry, Yomu, but I just had to jump in and pick Kuroko Smith as my Waifu of the Week. So, as you may have guessed, Yomu is covering this series with some episode highlights and I’ve just waltzed in here and stolen the slightly terrifying yet totally gorgeous Kuroko Smith.In Monster Musume, she is a government agent that is responsible for watching over Kurusu who now finds himself running a home for mythical girls. There are lots of rules to follow and Kuroko seems to enjoy reminding Kurusu.

However, it’s not until the second episode that you can get a real appreciation for Kuroko. Sure, she’s kind of hot in a scary dominatrix kind of way in the first episode, but in episode two we get to see her on her days off. Out of her uniform, quite literally, she’s a very different person. And it’s quite the transformation. Honestly, if you’re going to get in trouble with anyone, you’re going to want Kuroko to be the one to take you down.

Just wow! Unlike most, I’ve not seen all of Monster Musume and am watching alone with Yomu. If you’re yet to see it too, why not jump in and catch up. We’re only a couple of episodes in and it’s a crazy hilarious ecchi series. Plus, there’s Kuroko! Still not sure, check out the highlight posts below.

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