Waifu of the Week (#56) – Miia

All right, let’s get one of those monster girls in here for Waifu of the Week 56 – Miia, the lamia. Half human, half snake, it’s a weird combination but let’s just run with it.



Maybe she has a last name too but I can’t be bothered to check. Why would a lamia have a last name, right? Anyways, I’ve admitted before and will admit again that monster girls to this degree aren’t my cup of tea. The way I see it, half of Miia is useless and repulsive, and the other half is great.

So why is she this week’s waifu? Two reasons.

First is boobs.

Second is because we’ve got a bit of a shortage of waifu material in the shows we’re covering at the moment. At least it seems that way. So I have to give the snake aspect of Miia a pass in favour of her human half.

Plus her personality is that of a very doting and loving girlfriend, so she also gets some points for that. All in all, the good outweighs the bad I think.

If you want to see Miia and other lewd monster girls check out my coverage of the series here:

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