Waifu of the Week (#6) – Magical Sempai!

This new summer season has introduced so many great candidates for waifu of the week, but there’s one gal who has quickly risen above the rest – the Magical Sempai! Or Tejina-senpai, if you prefer the romaji name.

While we may not actually know her name beyond “Senpai”, in just a few 12-minute episodes we’ve already got enough to know that this loveable clutz of a magician is waifu material. And solely waifu material, because this is the type of girl you’d never find in real life! She’s just too ridiculous.. and that’s why we love her.

And let’s be honest, you’d all join her magic club too right?

Magical Sempai Sister Tease

If you want to see more of Magical Sempai, be sure to follow along as I cover the highlights from this Summer 2019 classic!


  1. Great choice. She’s a character that is so unbelievable, yet utterly endearing.

    • A great character to build an anime around. I’d love to see her even in a slice of life anime, as a side character that shows up from time to time.

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