Waifu of the Week (#60) – Koneko Toujou

Might as well keep this High School DxD content coming with a highlight on one of the series’ favourite gals – Koneko!

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 8 The Peepers Spot Koneko


Who needs the last name, we all know her as Koneko, or Koneko-chan, anyways. You know, I used to be more of an Akeno guy than anything else when it came to the High School DxD girls. But lately, I’ve noticed that Koneko is just a really cute character. That’s really all there is to it with this one.

Naturally I enjoy Koneko fan service as much as the next person. If anything, the fan service for Koneko feels even more satisfying as it seems more rare than fan service of Rias, or Asia, for example. Maybe I’m wrong here, but I don’t actually remember all that much Koneko fan service in comparison to the other girls, although there are moments to be sure.

Regardless, Koneko is super cute, and that’s my reasoning for highlighting her here.
My reasons are usually very shallow anyways, I admit it.

If you want to see more of Koneko, check out our long list of posts on High School DxD below!


  1. Tops bloopers.anime y blogs
    Tops bloopers.anime y blogs

    Esa koneko no es waifu es una loli 😡

  2. Koneko best girl! And has one of the best performances in the dub!

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