Waifu of the Week (#63) – Kanaka Kagami

This is probably not that much of a surprise, especially from the guy that selected Raynare as a potential waifu of the week. Anyhow, let me introduce you to another villain barely dressed in black!

Waifu Wednesday

Firstly, have you seen Tsugumomo? If not, you really should it’s a great series full of outrageous ecchi moments, dark and twisted scenes, and some incredible characters.

Before we continue, I should warn you that there will be spoilers for the series. All right, let’s get back to business.

One of those characters happens to be the big villain at the end of the second season. She is tough, fearless, and stunning! It’s hard to believe that before the second to last episode, she’d only appeared in a couple of scenes and mostly as flashbacks or memories. There’s certainly no way to forget her after this season.

I am, of course, talking about Kanaka Kagami, Kazuya’s mother who died when he was young but was also possessed by an Amasogi he created. The Amasogi maintained her body while waiting for a chance to revive her. And boy did they revived her! Kanaka woke to find herself floating in the air and completely naked. She probably would have fought like that too, but the Amasogi, Azami is an obi Tsugumomo and wrapped around her. If Kanaka isn’t the hottest anime mother ever, then I will need names and series details of any that could challenge her.

I still haven’t gotten over the ending of the second season of Tsugumomo and desperately await news of a third and not just to see more Kanaka, although that would be justification alone. I talked about Clair‘s confidence a couple of weeks ago, but she has nothing on Kanaka. Kanaka believes that she is indestructible and she probably is. Again, if you haven’t seen Tsugumomo, I implore you to rectify this oversight and if you need more to go on, here are all of the posts for the series.

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