Waifu of the Week (#62) – Sona Sitri

Let’s keep this High School DxD waifu train rolling! This time, I’ve just gotta feature Sona Sitri, the beautiful and serious student council president!

High School DxD Uncensored Sono Sitri

Sona Sitri

I don’t actually know how many images we have of her, but regardless she’s waifu material. I’m pretty sure she continues to make appearances after S1, but we haven’t gotten there yet. Soon though.

Anyways, Sona is great. Calm, collected, calculating. She feels more like a cold demon than most. Plus, she wears glasses, something that I’m a sucker for, both in anime and real life. In many ways Sona feels like the opposite of Rias, but Rias in reality is just as calculating and intelligent. If anything their only real difference is in how they display their emotions.

Overall, I’d say Sona Sitri is a really good “hipster” pick of a waifu.
One of those side characters that you probably forgot about.

I know I did, or else I would have featured her sooner!

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  1. Those glasses! Those red eyes! There was always something about her that I loved when she came on screen. I couldn’t quite put a finger on it but everything about her just works .

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