Waifu of the Week (#64) – Tio

This week’s waifu is one of the side characters from Everyday Life with Monster Girls – Tio.
The ogre girl with a big heart, and some other big assets too…!



Her full name is Tionishia, but that’s too difficult to remember.

I’m not sure about her intelligence, but she doesn’t seem like the smartest girl around. Which is fine, because she has a heart of gold. While she is an ogre girl, just like the other monster girls, Tio is still very feminine and she shows it through her actions and mannerisms.

Now that that’s all over with, I’ll get to the real heart of the issue here, as usual.
Tio is an ogre girl, making her bigger than most.
But that doesn’t mean she’s fat, she’s just big-boned. Literally!

Which means she sports a very thick appearance, one that you may or may not be a fan of. Personally, as a fan of big assets, I think it’s a good look. Oh, and size and horn aside, she has a regular body, unlike many of the other monster girls. A plus in my books.

Anyways, see for yourself!

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