Waifu of the Week (#65) – Manami Kinjou

We all know that Cat Planet Cuties is all about sexy cat-girls, namely Eris. Well, I’d argue that. There are two other girls, both equally as important to Kio and the story and one of them is this week’s waifu of the week!

Waifu Wednesday

I’ll be completely honest with you here, but I was amazed to discover that Eris wasn’t my favourite girl from Cat Planet Cuties. You’d think she’d be an absolute shoo-in, but I just can’t deny the effect another character has had on me. This situation reminds me of Heaven’s Lost Property and how Ikaros wasn’t my favourite. In fact, my favourite girl in both series fulfilled a similar role. They were both the childhood best friend of the protagonist and both were slow to realise the way they felt.

That’s right, Manami is the girl for me (from Cat Planet Cuties). She’s the firey tomboy that doesn’t miss a chance to rough Kio up. Sure, some of it may go too far, but it’s clear that she likes him and struggles to act on it. The moment that sealed the deal for me was back in episode six when Manami had a heart to heart with the virtual Kio and then watched a pivotal moment in their relationship playback before her. If there was ever a character that I felt desperately needed a hug, it was Manami at that moment.

I’m not sure exactly why I put the last three images in. Maybe, I’m trying to make everyone feel the same way that I do. Seriously, can someone give that girl a hug already! Manami is a great character in a series that regularly punches above its weight. The topics covered in a show called Cat Planet Cuties (I know it’s not a direct translation of Asobi ni Iku yo! but it is what it is) are amazing and all handled in a brilliantly lighthearted and fun way. I really can’t recommend this series enough and Manami is a big part of that.

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