Waifu of the Week (#66) – Asaka Mayama

We’re going back into the vault to grab a waifu from OreSuki.
It seems like a good time with the OVA having just recently come out!

OreSuki Episode 12 Asaka

Asaka Mayama

That’s right, this week’s OreSuki waifu is actually a side character, Asaka!

For me, Asaka ticked many boxes relatively early on. While she was a bit pretentious at first, with her hair dyed red and clique of friends, she very quickly changed in order to try and better get Joro’s attention. In particular, she changed her hairstyle back to natural black with a headband, a look that I think looks very cute.

In addition though, she seemed to be trying so hard to come in contact with Joro. Like visiting him while he’s working at a restaurant, and at school. While her friends are always rooting her on, I always thought it she was making such a good effort. It actually is a bit disappointing that her efforts don’t really pay off, or at least, they haven’t yet.

Finally, she’s also a bit of a tsundere, which I kind of like. Overall I just really like Asaka’s character and appreciate her efforts. Out of all the girls in OreSuki, she’s the one I’d actually cheer on the most!

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