Waifu of the Week (#67) – Sayaka Koyanagi

What is it with dangerous girls with a wicked smile? Part of it has to be the confidence they exude. There’s also something inherently sexy about them too or, Is it just me?

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Either way, this week I have selected Sayaka Koyanagi from Gleipnir to be the waifu of the week. Admittedly, I could have picked her after her first appearance in episode 6, but I’m glad I waited. When we first met Sayaka she was the mysterious leader of a group of monsters wearing jean shorts, a bikini top and a hockey mask ala Jason Voorhees. Oddly, that was more than enough to make me take notice. Of course, she then upped her game by trying to seduce Clair. That proves that she had outstanding taste.

However, it wasn’t until a couple of episodes later when she took her team, complete with new members Shuuichi and Clair on a hunt to find the alien spaceship that things really got interesting. They had walked into a trap set by another group who wanted to make Sayaka’s team work for them. Shuuichi sniffed them out before they could attack and it gave them the chance to run. Unfortunately, one of the members of the other team was incredibly fast and caught up in seconds. He grabbed Sayaka and held her hostage as he threatened the rest of the group. It was shortly after this that Sayaka gave us the ultimate wicked grin. Yota got angry and Sayaka seemed to really get off on that.

I can’t help but wonder if she got excited because of Yota showing off his powers or by what she knew was about to happen to the centipede monster. Either way, she had gone from being groped and helpless to wickedly devious and excited in a split second. Her grin was absolutely infectious and I found myself eager to see what happened to get her so excited. I’m loving Gleipnir for its dark and edgy story, but it also has an incredible range of smiles. I thought Clair had the market cornered, but there is obviously room for more.

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