Waifu of the Week (#70) – Aine Chidorigafuchi

This week’s waifu is someone that we’ve already seen quite a bit of. In just 4 episodes, Hybrid x Heart has managed to show us almost everything we could possibly see from Aine, right?


Aine Chidorigafuchi

I’ll stick to calling her Aine, because that surname is a mouthful!

Anyways, as Hybrid x Heart is committed to showing us as much ecchi as possible, I’ve already got plenty of great images to share of Aine.

Aine is focused on becoming stronger at any cost. As a result, while she still feels embarrassed in ecchi situations, she also sort of eggs Kizuna on or initiates the situations in the first place in order to recharge her hybrid gear. And while that desire for strength is probably not the healthiest mindset, well…

You all know that appearances are basically all I look at for these things, right?

You can see more of Aine, and other girls, in intimate detail with my coverage of the Hybrid x Heart series here:

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