Waifu of the Week (#74) – Aldea

This week’s waifu is yet again from Hybrid x Heart, as High School DxD has been all but exhausted by now. The waifu this time is the mysterious green-haired beauty Aldea.



Well, we don’t know too much about Aldea. She’s some sort of bigshot in the Otherworld Empire, Batlantis. She’s also got a serious attitude, and acts in a very cocky manner. Which I do like in anime characters, male or female. Sometimes confidence is the best quality.

But in Aldea’s case, it’s not her confidence that earns her a spot here. It’s that she’s both an antagonist, and that she has some seriously nice cleavage.

I admit, it was a little disappointing to me to see that Aldea is in some sort of yuri relationship, as I’m not a big fan of that. But there’s still a chance that she swings both ways, so maybe we’ll see more of Aldea in that light as the anime progresses.

Either way, she’s some good niche waifu material I think!

If you want to see more of Aldea, and the outrageously ecchi Hybrid x Heart, you can find all of my coverage of the series here:

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