Waifu of the Week (#75) – Paladin

Do you care about your friends enough to sacrifice yourself to see them succeed? Sure, things might be different if you could be revived over and over again. Anyhow, Paladin also has a nice set of bikini armor, so there’s that too!

Waifu Wednesday

Whenever times are tough, the Bikini Warriors know that Paladin will step up and take one for the team. It’s almost at the point where they’ve gotten tired of the routine, not to mention the cost of reviving her. Anyhow, you can’t fault her intentions and commitment to the cause. On top of that, Paladin has a little bit of a dark streak and is often somewhat excited and aroused by certain situations.

Just like Fighter, there’s not a lot more to say about Paladin. At least nothing that would be quicker than watching all twelve of the four minute episodes. Anyhow, here are Paladin’s highlights so far.

It’s hard to argue that Paladin doesn’t deserve the recognition from her looks alone and while that’s possibly one of her best traits, she’s still a lot of fun in the series. It’s going to be sad once I’ve finished the series and have to find some new potential waifu… It’s a hard life!

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