Waifu of the Week (#77) – Stella Vermillion

This week in Strong Women with Swords, Lynn picks another Waifu of the Week and this time he dives into Chivalry of a Failed Knight and comes back with Stella Vermillion, because… well, you know why!

Waifu Wednesday

That’s right! I’m thinking of petitioning Yomu to let me change Waifu of the Week to Strong Women with Swords, and even if I fail, he can’t stop me from picking them. Hahaha! So, to continue my theme, I have chosen Stella Vermillion who is the charming pink-haired girl from Chivalry of a Failed Knight that makes the mistake of questioning Ikki’s chivalry. In her haste to get back at him, she ends up making a wager and becoming his servant for life… lucky bastard!

However, that’s not the reason I chose Stella. Admittedly, I did think about doing this a couple of weeks ago when Stella was fighting bad guys in her underwear (with a sword), but I held off and waited for last week’s episode. Not only did it give me the chance to include a wider variety of Stella images in the highlights, but we got to see the moment where Stella and Ikki finally opened up to one another, and if you’ve ever been a teenager, I’ll bet that scene at the swimming pool felt a little too familiar.

I’m really enjoying this series so far and hope to see a lot more of Stella going forward. She’s the real deal and she’s a princess. Damn you, Ikki. Damn you!

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