Waifu of the Week (#78) – Serafall Leviathan

This week’s waifu is Serafall Leviathan from High School DxD New! She’s cute, full of energy, and you’d never guess that she was actually an extremely powerful devil!


Serafall Leviathan

I’ll be honest, we haven’t seen too much of her yet. It’s possible she makes more appearances in future seasons of High School DxD. But, I didn’t want to choose another girl from Hybrid x Heart so I had to come back to High School DxD again!

Besides, I think Serafall is super cute. Who wouldn’t want her as a waifu? As far as I’m concerned, she’s a bonefide idol… or magic girl… or whatever you want her to be. When push comes to shove, you probably couldn’t push her around, but it seems she likes to act all clingy and cute anyways, so I’m sure it’d all work out!

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