Waifu of the Week (#79) – Hitomi Uzaki

Does this make me a furry? I don’t think I’m a furry, but it’s hard to deny the attraction when you’re faced with someone like Hitomi. Sure, she’s part honey badger and would kill you without a second thought, but what does that matter?

Waifu Wednesday

So, here I go picking another waifu that could and probably would kill me. I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong with me, but it is what it is. Hitomi is the star of Killing Bites and a complete badass. She’s been augmented with honey badger DNA which makes her completely fearless. Her signature fighting outfit of white panties and white tank top certainly help to seal the deal.

There’s something wildly attractive about a girl that knows what she wants and will go an get it. Hitomi also has a great smile. It’s one that should fill you with terror as well as wonder, but that’s part of the appeal too. Haha! Anyhow, he’s Hitomi. Enjoy!

Killing Bites is a very simple show with a simple premise, but it takes that and makes it a lot of fun. Then when, you throw in characters like Hitomi, Eruza, and Youko it just gets better and better. If you’ve not seen Killing Bites and enjoy the death match concept, you should absolutely check it out. If you like girls with animal appearances, then you’ll love it!

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