Waifu of the Week (#8) – Tsukiumi

Otherwise known as the Bombshell Blonde, as I was calling her before I knew her name, Tsukiumi is my pick for Waifu of the Week #8! Now that we’ve seen a good deal of Tsukiumi, I’m able to choose some excellent images to show to you just why she’s waifu material.

Tsukiumi – Sekirei

Sekirei has turned out to be a pleasant surprise filled with some great characters and a ton of ecchi. I honestly didn’t expect so much nudity! Although it seems that majority of that is contained in the bath scenes that we are seeing almost every episode.

Tsukiumi started out as a stubborn sekirei that refused to find an ashikabi. She was resolved to become the strongest un-bonded sekirei, but after a certain confrontation with the electric twins her mind was changed. Now, Tsukiumi has tasked Minato to be her husband in return for bonding with him, but she’s still got her tsundere nature!

All that said, I guess what I’m really trying to say here is that I like Tsukiumi’s boobs, and that’s why she’s Waifu of the Week #8.

Sekirei Tsukiumi Tall Image

You can check out Tsukiumi as well as some of the other well-endowed female characters in my coverage of Sekirei here:

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