Waifu of the Week (#83) – Touka Toudou

If there’s anyone in Chivalry of a Failed Knight that needed a little more time… all right, she needed her own show entirely…. it’s student president and electrifying badass, Touka Toudou!

Waifu Wednesday

Touka burst into the series towards the end when she saved Ikki and Stella from a bunch of stone puppets. She barely said a word, just swooped in a kicked ass. It was quite the entrance. Then, we got to see Touka fight against Ikki’s little sister, Shizuku in what has to be the standout fight in the series. It was epic, but then most fights were well done. However, this one broke through the fourth wall as Touka not only defeated Shizuku but she slashed the black widescreen blocks to pieces too.

However, not long after this, we got to see a different side to Touka. She’s clumsy and cute and funny. Her backstory is fairly inspiring and the way she uses that to bring hope to others is admirable. Like I said, I would watch a series just about Touka any day of the week. If nothing else, I think we should get a second season of Chivalry as I’m sure we’d get to hang out with her some more.

Had Touka been in the series for a couple more episodes, she would have really given Stella a run for the title of best girl. As it is though it’s hard to ignore Stella and her impact on the story, but then this post isn’t about Stella. It’s about a cute, clumsy, twin-tailed, bespectacled swordswoman. It’s about Touka Toudou.

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