Waifu of the Week (#84) – Charlotte Belew

Let’s keep going with waifus from Unrbeakable Machine-Doll, next with Charlotte Belew, the slim blonde tsundere!


Charlotte Belew

Her personality is tsundere, and she’s introduced as a talented puppeteer, with her powerful dragon doll companion. And so, it should be pretty obvious what kind of character she is there, the somewhat spoiled type who puts on a tough front but inside there’s more to her. Which is waifu material, I think.

In addition, she’s got a nice slim figure and blonde hair.

And yeah, that’s about it. She seems to have pretty good investigative skills too, for whatever that’s worth. A good head on her shoulders and all that. But really, in the end, as long as she’s cute, she’s waifu material.

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  1. Underrated. Charlotte Belew, the other characters, the world, the animation the music.. everything. Tragically so. Glad you’re giving her some attention!

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