Waifu of the Week (#85) – Kuroka Toujou

For this week’s Waifu of the Week, I’m returning to High School DxD to give some love to an underappreciated character. She’s got a dangerous streak, likes to play and tease, and is stunning. What more could you want?

Waifu Wednesday

That’s right, I’ve picked yet another girl that is just as likely to kill you as return your affections. At least, Kuroka would make it fun. Being a Nekoshou, she loves to play and tease, so if you make it fun for her, she might just keep you around a little longer. Kuroka is also fiercely protective of her family, so once more, it’s all about staying on her good side.

Other than the obvious attractions, she has a monopoly on sultry looks. It’s hard to tell exactly what she’s thinking, but it’s enough to make you want to find out. Unfortunately, at this point, there hasn’t been enough of Kuroka. Where is my Kuroka spin-off series? I would watch that over and over again.

I’m not how High School DxD does it, but every character is stunning, and often in their own right. Even minor characters that don’t even get the chance to be named add to the overall visual delight of the series. That said, Kuroka looking sultry in her black kimono is one of the top images I’m taking away from this season.

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  1. Your other High School DxD posts link to all your Chivalry of a Failed Knight stuff.

    Also Kuroka is yummy, but Koneko for life.

    • Koneko is great and all, but I’m definitely team Kuroka.

      Thanks. I’ll check the links to see what’s gone on.

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