Waifu of the Week (#86) – Karyusai Shouko

I’ve seen enough of Shouko to call it, she’s waifu material. There really are all sorts of waifus out there, and if you’re a bigger fan of the mature, strong-willed types, then say no more with Karyusai Shouko!


Karyusai Shouko

As is usual with many waifu picks on the site, Shouko also has two big reasons going for her. But in addition to that, she has this sort of mysterious, borderline edgy, mystique to her. She’s calm, composed, knows what she’s about, and she’s also a genius when it comes to making magic dolls.

It turns out her eyepatch actually contains a series of three telescopic lens that she can rotate between while working on dolls, which is also interesting. I wonder if there’s a human eye under that thing, or if it’s just been replaced completely with this eyepatch. As of know we’re only halfway through the series, so it’s possible we’ll find out later on, but I feel like it may be one of those mysteries we never really learn the answer to.

Finally, I just have to mention how Shouko’s kimono fails to make it up and over those two big reasons for liking her, which is funny. She certainly has no issue displaying them to the world, but I wonder how she reacts if she catches anyone staring…!

If you’d like to see more of Shouko and what she’s about, you can check out our coverage of Unbreakable Machine-Doll here:

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