Waifu of the Week (#87) – Chizuru Tachibana

This week, I’m looking back to one of the first series we covered on Ecchi Hunter. That is Why the hell are you here, Teacher?! Why you ask? Well, check out the last top ten post to see for yourself!

Waifu Wednesday

I’m at the stage with my new shows that it’s too early to be picking a waifu there, and as much as I’d like to pick Kuroka from High School DxD again, I don’t think Yomu will allow it. Plus, where would it end? So, having put together the classy top ten post featuring anime bras, I was reminded of the great times I had watching this Why the hell are you here, Teacher?! It’s a simple series, but also a lot of fun.

Anyhow, it has a lot of moral problems, but this week, I’m featuring the one adult with the closest thing to a moral compass as this show has. She’s the school nurse and falls for one of the students, however, she will not let things continue until he has graduated. How’s about that for a true moral champion. Regardless, Chizuru Tachibana is cute and aloof. She’s also stunning and despite her moral compass, is rather casual about most other things.

I’ve not yet had a chance to watch the uncensored version, because of the rather insane price of the BluRay, but I am making it my mission to one day buy a copy and relive all the madness that this series has to offer. Censored, it was great. Uncensored, it should be incredible. So, I know I’ve made Chizuru Tachibana wait to be awarded with the Waifu of the Week title and I can only apologise. She’s certainly worth it!

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