Waifu of the Week (#88) – Sayaka Miyata

Let’s bring back one of the girls from Keijo!!!!!!!! for this week’s waifu post – the speedy Sayaka Miyata!

Keijo!!!!!!!! Episode 3 Ecchi Sayaka

Sayaka Miyata

While Nozomi was always framed as an all-around fighter, with a balanced focus on her breasts and her butt, strength and speed, Sayaka was more specialized.

For majority of Keijo!!!!!!!, what we see the most from Sayaka is her butt and her speed. We learn that Sayaka is a former judo student, the daughter of someone famous in judo, but her passion wasn’t judo – it was keijo. And so she sort of has this struggle in the series regarding this stuff, ending with her proving to her parents that she is competant in keijo.

Anyways, Sayaka is almost a second main character, as she gets a lot of focus in the series and she’s got quite the story. Like most anime girls, she’s cute to look at and it’s nice to see her contrasting style from Nozomi’s fights. She’s a cool character and of course worthy of being chosen as a waifu!

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