Waifu of the Week (#89) – Rin Misumi

She’s the head of the disciplinary committee and wants to stamp out all lewd behaviour! Well, Rin Misumi, I’m ready to be thoroughly disciplined! It’s surprising to see what can set off those lewd thoughts…

Waifu Wednesday

It’s an odd one that’s for sure. On one hand, you have Ui, the student president looking to let love run free throughout the school and on the other, you have Rin, the head of the disciplinary committee who even sees hand-holding as the beginnings of lewd behaviour! So, why is it that I find myself being drawn toward Rin and not Ui?

Well, in the last episode, Rin found herself in a love hotel with Hiyato with her clothes all wet from the rain. Damn it if she didn’t look so hot and adorable all at the same time. There was even a hit of terror with her violent reactions to Hiyato and that strange vibrating thing that she hid down her top to stop Hiyato from getting it. She’s just too hot. I’m team Rin all the way!

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by My Wife is the Student Council President! It’s one of those series that I stumbled upon with no knowledge of and started watching simply because it was an ecchi title and the eight-minute episodes were quite appealing. As far as ecchi anime goes this is one of the better ones I’ve watched recently. It’s funny and sexy, and awkward and goofy. Seriously, you really can’t go wrong. Just make sure you watch the uncensored version. It’ll be worth your time.

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