Waifu of the Week (#90) – Chihiro Yoshioka

This week’s waifu is someone from a series we’ve covered in the past – Chihiro Yoshioka from Gleipnir!

Chihiro Yoshioka

It’s been a little while since Lynn covered Gleipnir on the site, but it seems he forgot to select Chihiro as a waifu! While she’s not one of the main cast, she does take the spotlight for a while and it’s only fair that this cute girl gets some attention.

She started out wearing a motorcycle helmet, because she was embarrassed about her cat ears. But then when she opened up to Shuuichi, I thought they were very cute together, even if they were never a couple or anything like that. Plus, when they were “physically” together, the resulting creature was awesome and definitely a highlight of the series!

Finally, we got a decent amount of fan service from Chihiro, so she really was a great addition to Gleipnir in many ways!

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