Waifu of the Week (#92) – Jibril

Let’s once again go back to a previously covered series to dig up a waifu that didn’t get the attention she deserves – Jibril from No Game No Life!

No Game No Life Nude Jibril


Jibril is a flugel (basically angel) from the world of Disboard in No Game No Life.

From the moment we first see her, she’s a keeper, I’d say. Crazy over-the-top personality, great body, nice wings… she also makes a very ecstatic face very often which is nice.

In the beginning, she’s a bit of an antagonist, with a bit of an ego. She acts like she knows more than everyone else, because technically, she does know more than almost everyone in Disboard. But Sora and Shiro, being from Earth, happen to have knowledge that she doesn’t yet know, which is used to defeat her in one of the greatest games in No Game No Life – materialization shiratori.

If you haven’t seen No Game No Life, or at least, materialization shiratori, you should check it out!

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