Waifu of the Week (#93) – Kei Misumi

As Rin wasn’t hot enough, she has an older sister… who is the school nurse… and she’s a bit of a deviant… From the series that keeps on giving, I give you Kei Misume – Waifu of the Week!

Waifu Wednesday

So, if you’ve not seen My Wife is the Student Council President! then you really should. Each episode is only eight minutes long and it’s hilarious, sexy, and fun. Basically, it’s everything ecchi should be. Unfortunately, Kei hasn’t been in it much, but when she is, she pretty much steals the show thanks to her no-nonsense approach and questionable bedside manner.

It was episode 8 where she really took the stage and as soon as I saw that episode, I knew she was going to find her way here to collect the coveted Waifu of the Week award. As far as ecchi episodes go, this one was spectacular and it kind of makes me wish the show was more about the Misumi sisters and less about Ui – the student council president. Anyhow, here are Kei’s highlights.

There are currently two seasons of My Wife is the Student Council President! and I intend to cover both of them. If you are planning on watching, make sure you watch the uncensored version. It’s still funny censored, but it’s not nearly as hot… obviously. Anyhow, Kei is awesome and so it Rin. Just go watch the show already!

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