Waifu of the Week (#96) – Yuika Koga

This week’s waifu is Yuika Koga from HenSuki! It’s been a while, but this cute gal hasn’t yet been selected as a waifu on the site so it’s about time to change that!

HenSuki Yuika

Yuika Koga

While I had my issues with Yuika, mainly that she never seemed to take her fetish (each gal in HenSuki has a fetish) far enough. Yuika was supposed to be the sadist, but oftentimes she didn’t feel like one. Regardless, she’s super cute and I feel like her character had some real potential.

And to be fair, there are some moments where Yuika is quite cute wearing a bunnygirl outfit. It’s definitely a comical sight to see this small, cute girl asking Keiki to be her slave, even if she never manages to really accomplish this!

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