Waifu of the Week (#97) – Ui Wakana

Hang on just a minute! This is almost too good to be true… That’s right, this week’s waifu of the week is none other than the star of My Waifu is the Student Council President! Did I get that right?

Waifu Wednesday

Now, I know I’ve gone on record to say that Rin is my favourite girl in My Wife is the Student Council President! and even selected Rin’s older sister Kei as a waifu of the week too. That said, it’s hard to not give Ui the credit she deserves. She clearly loves Hiyato and I feel a little like Hiyato feels the same way I do. Rin is the one. So, how can he find a way out of this arranged marriage, especially when it’s to someone as fabulous as Ui?

That’s probably what makes this series so interesting. Hiyato would be lucky to have even one of these girls in his life. Ui can be a bit scattered in her thoughts and actions, but it’s undeniable that she always does what she thinks is right and she is a hell of a lot of fun. She seems to have the incredible balance of being cute and shy while also being forward and daring. You never really know how she will react and that’s a good thing.

I’m just about to start watching the second season and can’t wait to get into it and spend more time with Ui and the others. For a series of eight-minute episodes, this is a great watch, and being so short, you can easily catch up and join me in watching the next twelve episodes. I know you won’t regret it, although hands-off Rin… and Kei… and Ui…

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