Waifu of the Week (#98) – Chiyo Kurihara

It’s time to go ahead and highlight one of the gals from Prison School, starting with the first waifu of the series, Kiyoshi’s sweetheart – Chiyo Kurihara!


Chiyo Kurihara

She’s the first girl that talks to Kiyoshi, and the reason is because of a coincidence – Kiyoshi’s sumo eraser catches her eye. Kiyoshi doesn’t really care for the sport, but this is enough for Chiyo to latch onto him, believing that anyone who likes sumo is a good person. From there, the relationship gets a little complicated…

But Chiyo always seems to pull through for Kiyoshi. She’s cute, bubbly, and willing to admit when she made a mistake. And she’s also very protective when it comes to Kiyoshi’s prison dilemma. Overall, she’s great waifu material!

If you want to check out more of Chiyo and Prison School, you can see our coverage of the series here:

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