Waifu of the Week (#99) – Rossweisse

I’d like to report a crime! That’s right, this is possibly the most reprehensible thing imaginable. There is just no possible legal reason that Rossweisse has not had a boyfriend. It makes no sense in any reality!

Waifu Wednesday

So, yeah, other than being absolutely stunning, Rossweisse is also a valkyrie. That’s right she’s a winged warrior from Norse mythology so you know she’s going to be good fun. Admittedly, she can’t hold her booze, which is most unlike anyone from Norse mythology or history for that matter, but that doesn’t change anything. She is spectacular and deserves so much more than being reduced to a crying mess whenever anyone mentions her lack of a boyfriend.

Of course, seeing Rossweisse wake up from her hangover and unleash a monstrous attack on the hero faction was excellent. If she would just apply that level of rage when fighting normally. Either way, I’m here for Rossweisse should she need me and will continue to champion this silver-haired goddess.

So, there you have it my fellow cultured humanbeings, that is the delight that is Rossweisse. She is undoubtedly the best thing about the change in animation styles as she’s gone from a ten to a twenty… out of ten. That’s right, Rossweisse is as hot as two stunners. As if you needed another reason to watch High School DxD!

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