Weekly Peep! (#104)

Nekopara Episode 8 Shigure Cat Ears Smile

And there goes the month of May, meaning that we’re heading into June – the month that marks EcchiHunter’s second year in operation! Time flies, especially when anime is involved. And the ecchi is great too, of course! It sure doesn’t feel like two years have passed, but here we are!

Here’s what last week had to offer on the site:


Prison School (Episode 11) – Eryngii Brockovich

With only one day to get the data they need to prove their innocence, it’s up to Kiyoshi to distract Hana without getting himself killed in the process! The plan all hitches on him being able to unlock the door to the office, but he ends up getting a little more of Hana than he likely expected!

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Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Episode 6 Ghislaine shouting

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Episode 6) – A Day Off in Roa

After escaping from the kidnappers and making some good progress with Eris and Ghislaine’s training, Rudeus gets a day off. He takes a walk through town and finds a shopkeeper with some interesting items to sell. Maybe he should buy himself a present for working so hard… just maybe not that one…

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Waifu of the Week (#103) – Hana Midorikawa

Hana gets the selection this time, partly due to getting so much attention lately on Prison School! And partly because she’s a cute girl that hasn’t been featured yet!

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My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 18 Niikura embarrassed

My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 18) – A Dangerous Afternoon with Niikura-san

The shy and quiet member of the student council, Kiikura approaches Ui with a proposal. She’s interested in dating, but doesn’t know where to begin. So, she’d like to go on a date with Hiyato to practice. Ui, surprisingly agrees, but then no one would have expected it to go this way…

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High School DxD Hero (Episode 10) – As a Family Member of Rias Gremory

The Rating Game is on, and with it comes an action-packed episode with many battles between various parties. But as this is High School DxD, you can still expect some fan service – this time mainly in the form of this blonde-haired bishop on the enemy side!

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No Game No Life Jibril Smile

Yomu’s Top 10 Ecchi Anime!

Yomu follows up Lynn’s top 10 list last week with 10 picks of his own, only this time of course from the ecchi anime that he’s covered here on the site! Just like last week, there are some great anime here, so you should check out the list and make sure you’ve seen all these great ecchi series!

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And that was last week’s content in a nutshell! With this we’re moving into June, which should introduce some series changes as both Prison School and High School DxD Hero should be wrapping up in that time. You’ll just have to wait and see what Yomu has planned next after those two are finished!

We hope that you enjoyed this past week’s content here at Ecchi Hunter!

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