Weekly Peep! (#28)

Sekirei Uzume Kazehana Bed

It was a quieter week here at Ecchi Hunter, but even then we still managed to post seven reviews and a Waifu of the Week, so we can’t really complain. We’ve already got one eye on the next season and picking some more classics to cover, especially now that Sekirei is finished…


High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World Episode 10 Shinobu and Ringo Naked Bath

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World! (Episode 10) – It Seems Ringo’s Worked Up the Courage to Become a Hunter!

This series seems to be losing its focus and while that’s great for the increased amount of hot pool and massage time, it really has done a number on the plot. For a series that started out with some fairly interesting ideas, it really hasn’t kept up with that promise and with only a couple of episodes left, can I recover?

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Sekirei (Season Two) – Sekirei: Pure Engagement

Sekirei, the ecchi harem series that Yomu has been covering since Day 1 of Ecchi Hunter has finally come to an end. Yomu wraps up the series with his review of Sekirei: Pure Engagement, with comparisons to the first season as well as some juicy season highlights!

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Azur Lane The Animation Golf

Azur Lane: The Animation (Episode 9) – Aftermath

Azur Lane once again winds down after some more action-heavy episodes, coming back with an episode that seems more focused on showing off all the cute girls Azur Lane has to offer!

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Highschool of the Dead Episode 6 Takashi tells Shizuku Off

Waifu of the Week (#27) – Shizuku Marikawa

Hello Nurse! Lynn’s picked the Waifu of the Week this week and surprise, surprise it’s another character from Highschool of the Dead. That said, is there anyone that would be willing to argue that Shizuku Marikawa doesn’t deserve to be here? Anyone… Didn’t think so!

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Val x Love Ecchi Anime Natsuki Mount

Val x Love (Episode 10) – The Drunken Maiden

Val x Love pushes through some story development this week with the new villain Skuld making a move against the valkyrie sisters. In addition, Natsuki accidentally drinks something she shouldn’t have, and well… you can guess where things go with that!

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Rosario to Vampire (Episode 7) – Snow Girl and a Vampire

Rosario to Vampire expands it’s cast out with another girl joining the harem, after some conflict of course. The cute Shirayuki joins the party, featuring some nice purple hair, and purple-striped panties to match!

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Highschool of the Dead Episode 7 Saya and Rei Bums

Highschool of the Dead (Episode 7) – Dead Night and the Dead Ruck

This episode is dynamite. It’s full of action and awkward camera angles. Seriously, it’s amazing and also has Saeko standing on top of a moving Humvee in an apron and thong. Just go watch it or spend some time over in the highlights section reacquainting yourself.

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The Testament of Sister New Devil Uncensored Episode 12 Mio and Yuki pressuring Maria

The Testament of Sister New Devil (Season One)

Lynn has finally put together the season one review of The Testament of Sister New Devil and it doesn’t exactly sell the series, well, we all know what sells this series and that’s why we’re here, but sometimes it’s nice to have an interesting story to go with all of the ecchi hijinx. We love all ecchi, but not all ecchi is created equally.

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We’ve got a couple of season-ending reviews and many of the other shows are coming to the end of the season. Azur Lane is apparently taking a three-month break to complete the final two episodes… so, we’ll have another review next week and then nothing until March. It’s a very odd decision, but it means we get to check out even more ecchi shows.

Once again, thanks for visiting and please let us know if you have any suggestions for ecchi anime to cover!

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