Weekly Peep! (#35)

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35 weeks in and Ecchi Hunter is still going! Once again, with the finale of the week we have another week’s worth of ecchi anime content covered. One anime at a time, we work to cover ecchi anime until we’ve covered them all!!


Hatena Illusion Little Sister

Hatena Illusion (Episode 3) – A Fated Duo

Cracks are beginning to show in Hatena Illusion’s animation, as Yomu provides some examples of how wonky the show looks in this episode. Couple that with the show’s slow pace, and it’s not looking too good for the show. Yomu also features what he believes is the worst butt in anime!

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Plunderer Episode 3 Licht touching Lynn's Panties

Plunderer (Episode 3) – Uniforms are Uniforms

Plunderer continues to be an absolute tease, and oddity as far as ecchi anime is concerned. Despite the opportunity for some great fan service, this episode once again opts to show girls getting violated (minus the ecchi) instead! Once again, Lynn has his work cut out for him with this absurd anime!

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Keijo!!!!!!!!! Anime Girl Swimsuit Ecchi Miyata Rin Rokudou

Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 4) – The Battle for the Fastest Butt!!!!

The battles against the elite class have begun, starting out with Miyata versus Rin in a battle of speed! In addition, Toyoguchi and Aoba also fight their respective battles versus elite class members. This episode really showcases some of the crazy techniques these keijo girls use, including boob hypnosis, so you definitely should check it out!

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Interspecies Reviewers Episode 3 Busty Demon Tricking Someone

Ishuzoku Reviewers (Episode 3) – Gender-Swap Sex Means Less Succu-Girl Choices, and It Kinda Hurts, But You Learn Just What Girls Feel, So You Should Give It a Try!

Lynn and Yomu continue reviewing along with the Ishozuku Reviewers themselves! This time featuring an odd review – what would sex feel like after being gender-swapped? Unfortunately the censorship was very rough on this episode, so much was left to the imagination!

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Keijo!!!!!!!! Episode 3 Ecchi Nozomi Shower

Waifu of the Week (#34) – Kaminashi Nozomi

Yomu just couldn’t wait any longer to announce Nozomi from Keijo!!!!!!!! as waifu of the week! She’s just too perfect, and not just thanks to that nice body being in a swimsuit all the time. Nozomi has some serious fire in her, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that her energy has helped make Keijo!!!!!!!! as great as it is!

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Nekopara Ep3 Catgirls Maids Wrap

Nekopara (Episode 3) – The Cared for Child

The stray cat gets a nice treatment as the search is still on for whether she has an owner or not. Once again it’s some relaxing catgirl slice of life! Featuring more Coconut!

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Demon Lord Retry Luna Aku

Ecchi Hunter’s Top 20: Top 20 Ecchi Moments!

Both Yomu and Lynn agreed that this site could use more lists, and now that Ecchi Hunter has a good deal of content under it’s belt, they decided to choose their top 20 ecchi moments that have been covered on the site so far! If you like lists, ecchi, or both, you should check this one out!

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Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Uncensored Episode 4 Lady J Mirei and Rain Hasumi

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (Episode 4) – Gouverneur

The plot thickens in Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, as.. are those girls doing what it looks like they’re doing? That’s it folks, if you’re a fan of ecchi, and yuri, you might just want to check this one out! Those girls don’t hold back!

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Rosario to Vampire Ecchi Hugs

Rosario to Vampire (Season One)

Rosario to Vampire gets all wrapped up with a season review from Yomu! Rosario to Vampire ended up being a fairly good anime, after all is said and done. While Yomu does point out some issues he had with the season, overall the fan service and ecchi content was great. See what Yomu had to say about this one!

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Highschool of the Dead Episode 13 Rei Miyamoto Bikini Boobs Disappointed

Highschool of the Dead (OVA) – Drifters of the Dead

Lynn takes one last look at Highschool of the Dead with the OVA – Drifters of the Dead! And believe us when we say that you do NOT want to miss this one, there’s so much ecchi fan service packed into this episode that it’s unbelievable, and this is Highschool of the Dead! They really outdid themselves with this OVA, so check it out, if only for the highlights!

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Thanks for stopping by again and we hope you enjoyed all of the ecchi we were able to find for you this week! We’ll continue to hunt down all of the ecchi moments that anime has to offer, one week and one anime at a time!

Once again, thanks for visiting and please let us know if you have any suggestions for ecchi anime to cover!

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