Weekly Peep! (#36)

The Testament of Sister New Devil Episode 2 Mio embarrassed

The ecchi must go on! Or at least, we’d like to be able to say that but sometimes circumstances are out of our control, such as with what’s happened with Ishuzoku Reviewers. Regardless, we’ll do what we can and keep on covering titles from this season as well as past seasons to keep bringing in the ecchi!


Hatena Illusion Sister

Hatena Illusion (Episode 4) – Sisters

Once again Yomu is a little disappointed with Hatena Illusion, which is advertised on MyAnimeList as an ecchi anime but clearly isn’t willing to go all the way! Animation aside, the story chugs along but is fairly uneventful this week.

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Plunderer Episode 4 Lynn's Short Skirt

Plunderer (Episode 4) – Ballot Holder

Plunderer continues to be a bit of a mess in terms of plot, design, execution, ecchi… everything. Once again Lynn makes it through an episode that teases panty shots but fails to deliver, instead opting to fumble with the story some more. Just what is Plunderer trying to accomplish?

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Keijo!!!!!!!! Anime Swimsuit Ecchi Butt Lock

Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 5) – Full Auto Cerberus!!!!

The action continues with the main event we’d all been waiting for – Nozomi’s battle! Her opponent, Fujisaki, possesses a particularly savage technique… Once again, check in for some great boobs, butts, and swimsuits in this episode of Keijo!!!!!!!!.

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Interspecies Reviewers Fungi

Ishuzoku Reviewers (On a Break) – Normal Service will be Resumed Shortly!

Due to the series being pulled on most legal platforms, and a delay on the last known remaining one, Ishuzoku Reviewers will be on a break for the near future. However, Lynn was apt enough to grab images of the OP first, and so we share them with you here! Hopefully we’ll be able to continue covering this series shortly!

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Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Uncensored Episode 1 Mirei Unfazed

Waifu of the Week (#35) – Mirei Shikishima

This week Lynn chooses Mirei Shikishima from Valkyrie Drive Mermaid as waifu of the week! Never one to pass up on a strong woman, that Lynn. If she uses a sword, you can bet Lynn will be all over her. And Mirei is the complete package with her looks, strength, and sword! After all that, the ecchi is just a bonus!

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Nekopara Ecchi Catgirls Catfight

Nekopara (Episode 4) – First Time…!

Things come to a close with the stray cat being officially adopted into the family with Chocola and Vanilla. This results in many first’s for her as she adjusts to her new life. Also featuring some great fan service as all the catgirls go through a physical examination!

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Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Uncensored Episode 5 Nimi Minimi Happy with Giant Bra

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (Episode 5) – Giant Girl, Little Heart

Lynn puts it best in his look at this episode when he says the following: “if you’re a fan of giant naked girls this episode is going to be perfect for you”. Need we say anymore? Well, there actually is more as this episode not only features a bombastic giant girl, but also some more of the regular-sized yuri action that we’ve come to love from this series!

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Highschool of the Dead OP Takashi Komuro and Rei Miyamoto

Highschool of the Dead (OP) – Highschool of the Dead

In another ode to this ecchi classic, Lynn takes a look at the opening of Highschool of the Dead and gives us some more highlights – as if the series hasn’t already delivered enough!

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Thanks for stopping by again and we hope you enjoyed all of the ecchi we were able to find for you this week! We’ll continue to hunt down all of the ecchi moments that anime has to offer, one week and one anime at a time! And we’ll try our best to get back into Ishuzoku Reviewers without too much delay!

Once again, thanks for visiting and please let us know if you have any suggestions for ecchi anime to cover!

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