Weekly Peep! (#37)

Still no news on when we can pick up Ishuzoku Reviewers again, but we haven’t given up. In the meantime, let’s have a look at what we have been able to review and there’s plenty of ecchi to go around.


Hatena Illusion Mother Hug Hatena

Hatena Illusion (Episode 5) – Hidden Power

Is this the spark of promise or too little too late? Well, it’s not really ecchi so far, but Yomu seems to think there may be a glimpse of hope. It’s not too much to go on yet and it’s not like it’s about to suddenly turn into a top ecchi show, but it might give enough to make it a worthwhile watch!

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Plunderer Episode 5 Jail captured Licht

Plunderer (Episode 5) – Don’t Apologize, Apologize

So there was no plot progression in this episode either and what we may have known about the world is suddenly meaningless. What even is a count at this stage and why does anybody care? It’s not like there’s even a suitable amount of ecchi content to make up for this being straight-up boring. Lynn’s going to have to tap into his inner zen to make it through this series.

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Nekopara Cute Catgirls Coconuts Pout

Waifu of the Week (#36) – Coconut

Yomu has selected the fiesty and funny Coconut as this week’s waifu! Not only is Coconut a lot of fun to watch, she’s also a pretty attractive catgirl! After helping Yomu to really enjoy Nekopara, it’s only fair that she get’s her spot on the waifu list!

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Nekopara Ecchi Catgirls Anime Chocola Vanilla

Nekopara (Episode 5) – Cacao’s Adventure

The cats of Nekopara are at it again – this time attempting to save the patisserie that they fear might be having financial troubles because the Master looked a little stressed out. Naturally, this leads to them ending up in some cute situations, as well as Cacao getting lost!

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Keijo!!!!!!!! Ecchi Swimsuit Anime Nozomi Butt

Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 6) – Alluring Kyoto Trip!!!!

With Nozomi and her friends having been promoted to the elite class, the first order of business is a trip to Kyoto for some special training with some active professional keijo players! Things are just starting to heat up as Keijo!!!!!!!! begins building towards a new challenge – the upcoming East vs. West war!

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Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Uncensored Episode 6 Mirei Nurse Costume

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (Episode 6) – No Money, No Life

It’s another filler episode and one that really doesn’t show Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid in its best light. There’s plenty of girls kissing and touching each other, but it gets a little silly when everyone has to get each other aroused before the fight can start. We’re not complaining, but in this episode, it stood out more than normal.

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A bit of a quiet week without Ishuzoku Reviewers and no more Highschool of the Dead, but don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more on its way. There’s still so many of the classics left for us to revisit that we’re not about to run out of ecchi content any time soon.

Once again, thanks for visiting and please let us know if you have any suggestions for ecchi anime to cover!

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