Weekly Peep! (#41)

Keijo!!!!!!!!! Anime Girl Swimsuit Ecchi Toyoguchi Panic

It’s time to look back on another week of ecchi content as we move into the final quarter of the season. Is it too soon to be looking at what’s coming up for next season? Maybe, maybe not! Either way, there were some good highlights this week.


Hatena Illusion (Episode 8) – Complications

Apparently, this show needs more magic! And probably a little more ecchi, too. Yomu checks out episode 8 of Hatena Illusions and can’t quite put his finger on what the story is about. It’s been an interesting choice, but sadly it hasn’t lived up to the ecchi categorisation on MAL. Who sets those categories anyway?

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Plunderer Episode 9 Sonohara

Plunderer (Episode 9) – Plunderer

Oooo, look. Episode 9 is the episode with the same title as the series. This is usually reserved for the last episode… does that mean that this is it. There’s no more Plunderer… Hold on there, buddy. Put down the streamers and leave the champagne in the fridge as there are still fifteen episodes to go. Is it worth saying the same thing each week? No ecchi, the story is stupid and isn’t going anywhere, the constant dramatic music is hilarious and the animation really isn’t up to much.

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Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 6 Will o Wisps

Ishuzoku Reviewers (Episode 6) – You Can Build the Perfect Golem Girl, But Don’t Let the Girl You Base Her Off of Find Out. Cum to the Land of Dreams on the Light of the Will o’ the Wisps!

A couple of interesting choices this week in Ishuzoku Reviewers and it certainly tests Lynn and Yomu’s limits. Firstly, we visit a golem brothel where you have to make your own girl. It’s not much fun if you’ve got no talent for it, but with the right skills, anything is possible. Then, we go to see the Will o’ the Wisps who seem to prefer to keep it all out in the open, but apparently no one can see anything because of how radiant they are.

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Interspecies Reviewers Episode 1 Meidri Horrified

Waifu of the Week (#40) – Meidri

She’s as surprised as anyone and certainly doesn’t appear to want the award, but that’s not up to Meidri. This week, it was up to Yomu and I doubt anyone is going to really complain about it. Well, other than Meidri who is likely stomping all over Yomu as we speak. But then, maybe that was the goal in the first place. That’s a kink, right?

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Nekopara Episode 9 Azuki Coconut

Nekopara (Episode 9) – True Feelings

More cute catgirls doing more cute things! It might be an entirely new genre. A cute one! Did we mention that this series is cute? There’s not much more to say, other than this episode is also cute!

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Keijo!!!!!!!! Ecchi Swimsuits Anime Gates of Bootylon

Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 10) – The Second East-West War Race!!!!

It’s round two of the East vs. West War and it’s a good one. Expect more zany islands and outrageous techniques. This episode also has the greatest Fate Series joke ever, but we won’t say anything. Let us know if you spot it. This series is just too good. What a way to finish the episode too.

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Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Uncensored Episode 10 Momoka Sagara draining Akira Hiragi's Energy

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (Episode 10) – Oppression

Things are building up to the climax… This episode is very much about setting things up for the final two episodes where things just get crazier and crazier, but that doesn’t mean this episode doesn’t have anything for you. There’s fights, boob grabs, panty shots, girls kissing… basically, it’s just like any other episodes. Enjoy!

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Hopefully, you’ll have found something to keep you entertained there. We’d love to know if you’ve ended up watching anything based off of our reviews or if you just love the highlights, either way, we just want you to be happy… Anyhow, that’s another week finished and another is about to begin. Bring us more ecchi!

Once again, thanks for visiting and please let us know if you have any suggestions for ecchi anime to cover!

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