Weekly Peep! (#45)

Are You Lost Episode 8 Asuka in Bra and Panties Going in the Sea

Yomu is back baby! After a bit of a hiatus, I, Yomu, am back. Over the past few weeks I had gone through a life change, in that I’ve moved to Japan! And now that I’m settled in, with proper internet up and running, I’m able to relieve Lynn of some of the work he’s put into creating both these weekly round-up posts and weekly waifu posts.

In addition to the new series this week with Mayo Chiki! and Shomin Sample, you can expect Nekopara, Azur Lane, and Hatena Illusion to continue. In addition, I’ve got another ecchi series up my sleeve for the future…!

And so with that, let’s get to this week’s roundup!


Plunderer Episode 12 Hina stomping on Rihito

Plunderer (Episode 12) – Entrance Ceremony

Ah, yes! Of course, a fantasy series about people with numbers that get dragged into the abyss would have a high school arc… Just when you thought this series couldn’t get any more bizarre and badly written, it steals one of your numbers and does it anyway. Lynn can’t believe he made it to the half-way point… haha, this is just the half-way point!!!

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Tsugumomo Episode 7 Kazuya, Kiriha and Kukuri checking the rules

Tsugumomo (Episode 7) – Kanayama-san

This is an odd episode of Tsugumomo. It was funny, but it doesn’t half make you cringe. Like seriously, this is some messed up stuff and this is a site dedicated to ecchi anime, so we should know. The plus side is we got to see more of last week’s Waifu of the Week – Kokuyou, and it was well worth the wait. Still, it would be nice if Kiriha was back to her normal form already.

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The Testament of Sister New Devil Uncensored Episode 10 Trump Card Maria excited

Waifu of the Week (#44) – Maria Naruse

Lynn dived back into the archives to pull out Maria from The Testament of Sister New Devil, although almost exclusively in her trump card form, which makes her the perfect character in a less than perfect series. It’s always nice to look back and appreciate the big boobed succubi… always!

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Mayo Chiki Episode 11 Kanade Peace

Mayo Chiki! (Episode 1) – The End of the Earth

We’ve got a couple of new additions to the site this week, both ecchi harem anime. First off is Mayo Chiki!, an anime about a boy who has an irrational fear of women, but somehow ends up being surrounded by them… We’ll see where this one goes!

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Shomin Sample Episode 1 Aika Butt

Shomin Sample (Episode 1) – Welcome, Commoner

And the second ecchi harem series to find it’s way to Ecchi Hunter is Shomin Sample! An anime about a commoner boy who is abducted and forced to attend a secret, elite, all-girls school. The catch? The school believes that he’s into muscular men! How will these girls react to living alongside the common man? It’s an exciting premise, that’s for sure!

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Nekopara (Episode 10) – Oh No! Bell Renewal Exams

Chocola and Vanilla find out that their bell renewal exams are coming up – tests they have to complete to prove that they are able to live alongside humans. After some hard training, the cats take the tests… it’s another cute episode of Nekopara!

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Last week saw the finale of several series, Keijo!!!!!!!! and Valkyrie Drive, but this week we see the beginnings of more. And the continuation of Nekopara. We’ve got plenty of gas left in the tank, and will continue to deliver ecchi highlights and reviews, one series at a time. The goal is to cover all of the ecchi anime has to offer, and we’ll get there one day.

Once again, thanks for visiting and please let us know if you have any suggestions for ecchi anime to cover!

And a special thanks to Lynn for holding down the fort for the past month!

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