Weekly Peep! (#46)

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 10 Rem What

Things are tough right now, so why not let us recommend some ecchi titles to keep your spirits up… I said, spirits, you damn hentai! Anyhow, Yomu’s back and things are returning to normal…

We’re still busy reviewing as many ecchi titles as possible and soon we’ll be bringing you more and more highlights posts to browse through. We now have over 500 posts! That’s a lot of ecchi! If that doesn’t make self-isolation more enjoyable I don’t know what will.

Anyhow, this is what we checked out this week!


Ishuzoku Episode 8 Succubus and Crim Mayo Bottle

Ishuzoku Reviewers (Episode 8) – Succu-girl Roleplay Will Get You Going All Night, The Angel’s Holy Lance is Great at Lancing Holes, The Succubus Tower Lasts Forever, But You (And Your Mayo) Won’t!

Don’t worry, we hadn’t forgotten about Ishuzoku Reviewers and since Yomu is back to work, saving over those ecchi anime shows, it’s time to get our own reviews of the fantasy succu-girls. This one may surprise you or at the very least, you’ll not look at a bottle of mayonnaise the same ever again!

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Plunderer Episode 13 Girls nude bathing

Plunderer (Episode 13) – Full Stomach

That’s right, Plunderer is now a high school drama complete with peeping toms and awkward contests. This is starting to feel like Porky’s and not in a good way. Still, this episode takes Lynn into the second half of the season and that means his count is going to feel like less of a burden.

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Nekopara Episode 6 Anime Catgirls Waitresses

Waifu of the Week (#45) – Azuki

Yomu selects the short and tempered catgirl Azuki to be this week’s waifu. After having selected Coconut, he felt it was only natural to choose the catgirl that best compliments her, with her good friend Azuki. If you’re ambitious enough you could even maybe get both waifus in a Nekopara package deal!

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Mayo Chiki! Ecchi Subaru Chinese Dress Butt

Mayo Chiki! (Episode 2) – I Fell in Love!

Things get a little dicey as Jirou works to protect Subaru’s secret from the rest of the school. In addition, Mayo Chiki reveals its true colours with some excellent ecchi this week, so you don’t want to miss it!

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Shomin Sample Episode 2 Aika Butt Skirt

Shomin Sample (Episode 2) – Reiko Is Who We Wish To Be Like

Shomin Sample gives us some more great comedy to pair with the excellent ecchi content as Kimito begins to settle into his new life at a secret all girl’s school, where the girls are VERY sheltered! Naturally this results in some very unique moments worth checking out!

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Tsugumomo Episode 8 Kokuyou rubbing her Boobs on Kazuya

Tsugumomo (Episode 8) – A Certain Day in the Kagami Household / The Super Popular Fragrance

An episode of ups and downs and we’re not just referring to the bath scene! No doubt Lynn will be kicking himself with all these extra Kokuyou pictures and she’s already been a Waifu of the Week, although Kazuya’s sister has taken on an entirely new appeal. Oh, and don’t forget that there are zombies in this one too! Good times!

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We’re still getting over the loss of Keijo!!!!!!!! and Valkyrie Drive, but at least we have Shomin Sample and Mayo Chiki to keep us entertained. Not to mention the return of Ishuzoku Reviewers. This has been a hard series to review and not in the sense you’re imagining. You should check out our own ratings of the succu-girls and, of course, each post has plenty of highlight images to enjoy.

Once again, thanks for visiting and please let us know if you have any suggestions for ecchi anime to cover!

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