Weekly Peep! (#47)

Highschool of the Dead Episode 13 Rei Miyamoto Bikini Boobs Disappointed

Don’t panic, we’re here for you. Let’s be honest for a second, the world is crazy at the moment, but at least you can count on the Ecchi Hunter to bring a little bit of light to your world. We could all use a little more ecchi right about now!

So, tune out all the craziness that is spreading the world. Turn off that news station and find yourself some good old-fashioned ecchi anime. Don’t forget to let us know if you see anything good, we’re always on the lookout for new series to cover. New or old, if it’s ecchi, we’re interested. Here’s what we’re watching now, but don’t forget to check out the Reviews section for a comprehensive list of everything we’ve covered.


Nekopara (Episode 11) – Cacao Repays Her Debts

The title of the episode says it all, right? Only.. what debts does Cacao have? Did Nekopara just take a dark turn and now Cacao owes money to some dangerous loan sharks? Well, you can guess at that… Yomu covers this second to last episode of Nekopara featuring more comfy cats and cat comedy.

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Ishuzoku Episode 9 Lesbian Film Director

Ishuzoku Reviewers (Episode 9) – A Deep, Dark Something Lies Between the Living and the Dead, The Darling Angel’s Lotion Explosion, and the Uncouth, Unsanctioned Reviewer Rivals Are In Their Scene!

It’s time for another episode of Ishuzoku Reviewers… Lynn and Yomu are pushing through this series of entertaining episodes. For all the ecchi wonders that this series has provided, it really hasn’t had much of a storyline to pull the viewer through. Still, it’s funny and both seem to be enjoying themselves. It’s going to be interesting to see how the end of season review goes.

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Plunderer Episode 14 Rihito imagining being in the girls bathroom

Plunderer (Episode 14) – 7 Minutes 12 Seconds

Back to back bathroom scenes from Plunderer, but Rihito is still a hopelessly bad protagonist and the story is a mess of exposition. Seriously, it’d be great if we could actually see what’s going on rather than being told over and over again by the same group of people. It’s getting better on an ecchi front, but that’s about it.

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Waifu of the Week (#46) – Kanade Suzutsuki

Yomu is up again and this time he has selected Mayo Chiki’s Kanade Suzutsuki, a very forward girl who likes to tease. Yomu has also been generous enough to include some highlights of Kanade from episodes not yet covered in order to truly show off Kanade!

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Mayo Chiki! Ecchi Kanade Bikini

Mayo Chiki! (Episode 3) – It is Without a Doubt, In Bed

Jirou and the girls hit the pool for a “double date” of sorts, as Jirou’s sister doesn’t realize that Subaru is a girl. In addition to getting to see some swimsuits, there’s a bit of drama featuring Subaru’s position as Kanade’s butler. All in all, an interesting episode of Mayo Chiki!.

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Shomin Sample Episode 3 Karen Butt

Shomin Sample (Episode 3) – It Was Like the Garden of Eden

Kimito comes across 2 more peculiar girls. Hakua, the uncomfortably young looking girl genius who strips off her clothes frequently… and Karen, the sword swinging airhead who might have a bit of a masochistic streak. It’s quite the introduction as these two join the cast in this anime that’s just getting started!

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Tsugumomo Episode 9 Ghost of Eko Looking for the Letter

Tsugumomo (Episode 9) – Letter

After the last episode of Tsugumomo that left very little to the imagination, the series takes a hard right and shifts into a disturbingly creepy horror series and it’s amazing. It’s probably safe to assume that no one saw this coming! If you don’t get chills watching this, then there’s something wrong with you. Best episode of the season so far.

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We’re slowly catching up with last season’s anime and keeping some older shows going. Plunderer, despite its many flaws, can at least be counted on to be consistent… Once, we’ve recovered from Yomu moving to Japan, we’ll get even more new shows going. Lynn’s got his eye on a couple that are currently airing.

Once again, thanks for visiting and please let us know if you have any suggestions for ecchi anime to cover!

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