Weekly Peep! (#48)

OreSuki Asunaro

We’ve been at this for eleven months now and it just doesn’t seem to get old. There’s always something to watch, even if the new seasonal shows haven’t delivered much this year. Check out what we’ve been up to the last week!

We’ve put Yomu back to work and got him to finish off some of the series that he started from a while back. Some got put on hold by the studios so it wasn’t all Yomu’s fault. Who moves to Japan in the middle of the anime season? I ask you! Anyhow, that just means we’ve got even more posts for you and even more ecchi highlights, which can’t be a bad thing.


Nekopara (Episode 12) – Summer Beach Cat Paradise!

Nekopara comes to an end with the girls undergoing another physical examination before heading to the beach! It’s a fan service finale of lingerie and swimsuits, the best kind of finale. You don’t want to miss these highlights!

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Ishuzoku Episode 10 Demia

Ishuzoku Reviewers (Episode 10) – Let Your Eyes Behold the Glory and Mystery of the Brothel with a Perfect Score! Take a Newlywed or a Horny Tutor or a Little Piggie as Your Lover! They’ll Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze It Outta Ya! Infinite Pleasure Over a Satisfying Three-Day Excursion! True Happiness Awaits!!!

Ishuzoku Reviewers is always pushing the boundaries of what is an acceptable length for an episode title and this time it’s gone too far! There’s also plenty of sex as the group visit the perfect score brothel and see for themselves if it really is that good. As usual, Lynn and Yomu will give their opinions on the services on offer and try to score them. Can it get another perfect score?

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Plunderer Episode 15 Beach Bikinis

Plunderer (Episode 15) – An Army That Does Not Kill

It feels as if Plunderer is trying to make up for lost time with back to back bath episodes and now a beach episode. It might have worked too, had the story not been such a mess to this point. Bizarrely, it is getting marginally better, but the damage has already been done and it’s hard to imagine anyone sticking with this series that didn’t instantly take a liking to it. Well, except for Lynn who we make watch it, A Clockwork Orange style!

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Plunderer Episode 14 Girls nude bathing angry

Waifu of the Week (#47) – Saki Ichinose

It feels like a slap in the face to the girls that started the series, but Saki is the only one that stands up to Licht (Rihito) and doesn’t put up with his nonsense. Although, that may have changed in this week’s episode, but since this based on last week’s episodes it can’t be held against her yet. She’s definitely got some spirit!

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Mayo Chiki! Ecchi Harem Anime Subaru Towel

Mayo Chiki! (Episode 4) – Don’t Stare at Me Like That…

The Mayo Chiki! madness continues as Jirou catches a deadly anime cold. In addition, Subaru moves in, as she’s run away from home. And Subaru insists on serving Jirou, even in the bath! Well, let’s just say that the anime cliches are aplenty this time around.

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Shomin Sample Episode 4 Cat Fight

Shomin Sample (Episode 4) – The Affair of the Tea Party

Kimito is invited to a tea party by Reiko, but refuses. Unfortunately, this ends up causing some drama between Reiko and her friends, which then led to a cat fight between Reiko and Aika. And that ended up being great for us, as the struggle between these two just happened to give us all sorts of panty shots and great fan service! Check it out for yourself!

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Azur Lane: The Animation (Episode 11) – And We’re Back

Yomu has found the time to continue on with Azur Lane after it’s long hiatus. As we don’t leave any anime unfinished here at Ecchi Hunter, it was inevitable. And it’s time for us to get through the last two episodes of this action packed anime that features cute anime girls as warships…!

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Tsugumomo Episode 10 Sunao attempts to kick Kazuya Panties

Tsugumomo (Episode 10) – Naked in the Futon

Kazuya is attacked by another Malison Cleanser with a bit of a grudge. She’s determined to take his region away from him, but Kiriha isn’t about to let her. However, Kazuya is feeling quite deflated from the events with Nanako, especially how she has lost her voice to atone for the Malison. It’s enough to make him hide in his bed, but then Kiriha gets in and tries to get him out!

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It’s hard to believe that we’re almost at the one-year anniversary of Ecchi Hunter, especially as the idea for this site started out as a joke. Well, who’s laughing now. Not us… well, unless we’re watching an ecchi, harem comedy, then it’s definitely us. Damn it, there’s just too much fun to be had from watching ecchi anime and we wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of it.

We’ve got lots of titles lined up for the future, but we’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to leave us a comment here, or message us on Twitter! So, once again, thanks for visiting!

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