Weekly Peep! (#49)

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 12 Rias Looking out the Window

There’s just no shortage of ecchi content to share with you all!

With the current shows we are going through once again we’ve managed to compile some great reviews, episode thoughts, and ecchi highlights for your enjoyment! Yomu has gotten around to finishing off Nekopara too, meaning that’s another ecchi anime to check off the list. Let’s keep the content coming! Ecchi waits for no one.


Nekopara Maids

Nekopara (Season One)

Now that Nekopara has been wrapped up, Yomu sends this series off with one final season review. It was a cute and innocent show that captured Yomu’s heart, but don’t let its cute appearance fool you! This show had some great fan service!

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Ishuzoku Episode 11

Ishuzoku Reviewers (Episode 11) – The Frighteningly Faultless Philanthropist Sexually Satisfies Several Succubi, Drunken Fools and Their Money Are, Of Course, Soon Parted, and Mitsue’s Room Comes to a Close! Three-Day Excursion! True Happiness Awaits!!!

Well we’re almost done with Ishuzoku Reviewers. It’s been a real roller coaster of an ecchi anime, one that currently feels like it’s at a low point. It’s almost like they’ve run out of ideas, either that or someone thought that this week’s species was actually interesting. Anyways, Yomu and Lynn continue to have fun chiming in with reviews of their own!

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Plunderer Episode 15 Girls Training

Plunderer (Episode 16) – The War of Waste Disposal

Lynn just can’t get a read on Plunderer, and it’s making him suffer as a result. This episode once again features very little ecchi content, and then some questionably ecchi content? Lynn (the character) gets food stuffed in her mouth, and Saki’s boob gets poked by a gun. If someone enjoys this kind of “fan service” then all the power to them, but Lynn sure doesn’t!

Why did they decide to name a character after one of the authors of Ecchi Hunter anyays?
It’s making things difficult here!

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Waifu of the Week (#48) – Archmage Demia

Yomu selects the bombshell blonde Archmage Demia from Ishuzoku Reviewers as waifu of the week! Or… a magical copy of her at least. We don’t really know anything about Archmage Demia herself, but her copies sure are accommodating! Which makes them great waifu material.

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Mayo Chiki! Ecchi Usami

Mayo Chiki! (Episode 5) – Go Out With Me!

Mayo Chiki! introduces us to a new character, the cute pig-tailed Usami! After quite the introduction, we learn that Usami is a bit of a tsundere, and that she has a cliche request to ask of Jirou!

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Shomin Sample Episode 5 Bra Panties Bed

Shomin Sample (Episode 5) – Just Friends

If you think last week’s cat fight between Reiko and Aika was great, just wait till you see this one!! It seems these two can’t get their hands off each other, although probably not for the reasons you are thinking… Anyways, one thing leads to another, and next thing you know, we get an absolute ton of great ecchi content!

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Azur Lane: The Animation (Episode 12) – Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Azur Lane: The Animation comes to a close with episode 12. The action from last episode carries over here and concludes with a final confrontation between the Azur Lane girls and the Sirens, in a fairly predictable manner. After the delay this show had, and then the delay after that of Yomu getting around to watching it, it’s great to finally wrap this one up! Just a season review to go!

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Tsugumomo Episode 11 Kiriha in the bath nude

Tsugumomo (Episode 11) – Duel

This week featured another cool episode of Tsugumomo, an anime that’s really managed to find its stride. We’ve got Kiriha in all different shapes and sizes once again: embarrassed, naked, angry, cute, satisfied… Oh and there’s a fight or something that happens too which is great. But back to Kiriha…

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And that does it for another week of what we’ve been up to here at Ecchi Hunter. We encourage you to check out any of the episodes that you’d be interested in! In addition you can always browse our Reviews page and see if there are any titles that catch your attention there! Or if you’re in the market for a Waifu, we’ve got you covered there too (the page is new and improved, check it out)!

We’ve got plenty of titles lined up for the future, but we’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to leave us a comment here, or message us on Twitter! So, once again, thanks for visiting!

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