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It’s business, as usual, this week, except that we had a few extra posts to celebrate our one year anniversary! First, Lynn has compiled a post containing all of our reviews of the various girls from Izhuzoku Reviewers, and second Yomu took a stab at looking into the realism behind the nipple toss in Keijo!!!!!!!. After that, well, it’s business as usual which just means more ecchi content to check out!

Also, Hatena Illusion is done with, meaning we can slot something a little more ecchi in on Mondays. It’s something we’re sure you’ll enjoy!!


Hatena Illusion Magic Anime

Hatena Illusion (Season One)

And that’s a wrap! Another anime to check off the list. Unfortunately Hatena Illusion was not exactly an ecchi anime. It was also not much of an anime… but Yomu is now free from reviewing this and can move on to watching something with hopefully a little more plot! Both literally, and figuratively!

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Ishuzoku Episode 8

Ishuzoku Reviewers (All the Girls Reviewed)

With one final sayonara to Ishuzoku Reviewers, Lynn has compiled all of our reviews for the various species from this very lewd series in one place! While many times Lynn and Yomu are on the same page, sometimes their opinions differ. If you haven’t seen our Ishuzoku Reviewers posts, maybe check this one out and get an idea of what the series is about! Feel free to think up your own reviews and let us know too!

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Plunderer Episode 20 Lynn

Plunderer (Episode 20) – Rain

It’s episode twenty of Plunderer and just by making it to this many episodes, Lynn gets to watch another four. Keep this up and we’ll make him watch the second season, although that might just be a push too far. Get ready for more… well, whatever it is that makes you watch this show. If you are enjoying it, let us know, because Lynn is sat in the corner of the room crying…

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Keijo!!!!!!!! Anime Swimsuits Ecchi Nipple Attack

Ecchi Myth Busting (#1) – The Keijo Nipple Toss!

Lynn and Yomu had a bit of a disagreement over the nipple toss from Keijo Episode 9, which seemed like a preposterous notion. But… is it really? Yomu decided to take a more realistic view of the situation to figure out: just how realistic is this iconic nipple toss from Keijo? The results may surprise you!

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Shomin Sample Episode 8 Karen

Waifu of the Week (#52) – Karen Jinryou

Yomu selects yet another waifu from Shomin Sample, this time with Karen Jinryou. While he seems to have various reasons for selecting her, in the end we all know that he only chose her because she looks great in booty shorts…

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Mayo Chiki Episode 9 Ecchi Maid Garter Belt

Mayo Chiki! (Episode 9) – A Quick Trip!

Mayo Chiki! outdoes itself once again. This series really is turning out to be an ecchi gem! In this episode, the focus is on maids, garter belts, and those sweet anime thighs. This episode is truly a work of art! Check it out!

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Shomin Sample Ep9 Maids

Shomin Sample (Episode 9) – Kagurazaka-sama Is Here

Things get a little weird with Shomin Sample giving attention to the clearly too young-looking Hakua as her maids try to set her up with Kimito. In addition, Yomu is thoroughly disappointed that with all of the maids in this episode, we don’t get a shred of fan service from them! It seems the ball was really dropped in this episode!

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Tsugu Tsugumomo Episode 2 Suzuri checking to see if Sunao is a virgin

Tsugu Tsugumomo (Episode 2) – The False Fiancée

The second season of Tsugumomo is just getting better and better, funnier and funnier, and a lot ruder. This episode focused almost entirely on Kazuya and Sunao as they try to fool Sunao’s mother that they are dating. She’s not going to be an easy target to trick and even then, you have Sunao’s father who is looking to hand out some vengeance on Kazuya for beating his little girl and much, much worse.

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Who could have seen the results of Yomu’s Keijo!!!!!!!! investigation going the way they did? Stay tuned for more posts like these in the future, as there are plenty of crazy ecchi tropes and situations we’d like to take a look at! Stay tuned as we start coverage of a new, and very lewd, series here on the site in the place of Hatena Illusion!

Don’t forget to check out our Reviews and Waifu pages for even more posts. Whatever, you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve got plenty of titles lined up for the future, but we’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to leave us a comment here, or message us on Twitter! So, once again, thanks for visiting!

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