Weekly Peep! (#61)

Tsugumomo Episode 8 Chisato and Kiriha rush to wash Kazuya

We’re continuing on with some new, and some old. In the end, it’s all just to further our goals of covering all of the ecchi. One day, we’ll get there, hopefully. Until then, please continue to enjoy the content as we go!



Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Episode 8) – Everyday Life in Poor Health

Kimihito gets sick, leading to the girls doing their best to keep him well. In addition, there’s some tension between the gals once again. So, in the end, it’s more of the same this episode!

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Gleipnir Episode 3 Clair in her Underwear Shuunich Transformed

Gleipnir (Episode 3) – Elena

Shuuichi and Clair test out the limits of his abilities, while Clair also works out the best outfit to wear while doing so! She then reveals how she knew about the monsters and when she asks Shuuichi to help track down her sister, he feels compelled to help her, but are they ready for something like that?

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High School DxD Uncensored Episode 10 Koneko

Waifu of the Week (#60) – Koneko Toujou

Yomu once again goes back to High School DxD to highlight another one of the gals – Koneko! While fan service of her is sparse, it’s still nice to see. But more than that, Yomu just thinks she’s really cute.

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Cat Planet Cuties Episode 3 Kunne swimsuit boobs embarrassed

Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 3) – We’ve Come to Stay

More Catians have arrived on Earth and they appear to have decided that Kio’s house will be their official embassy. That gives Aoi and Manami a chance to escape from their previous employers and gain protection. It also gives them a chance to remain close to Kio. Whether that’s to make sure he doesn’t get into any trouble or for other reasons is yet to be confirmed…

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High School DxD (Special 2) – Issei’s Private Training!

In this second special, Issei gets some one-on-one training by Akeno.
Or does he?

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Tsugu Tsugumomo Episode 10 Sunao Bathing Helping Kazuya

Tsugu Tsugumomo (Episode 10) – Revolt

Following the attack on Kukuru, Sunao has been assigned to Kazuya’s district as back up. Her mother has made sure that Sunao is prepared and will make the necessary steps to undo the shame of losing to Kazuya. Meanwhile, Akito returns to Mayoiga and finds out that there was a revolt. They manage to clean things up, but it would appear that the full attack on Kukuru is just about to begin.

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Well, we’re starting to get into another stride here with the re-visitation of High School DxD, as well as a look at Cat Planet Cuties and Gleipnir. In addition, Everyday Life with Monster Girls and Tsugu Tsugumomo continue on! One series and one season at a time, we’ll keep at it.

Hopefully, there’s something for everyone, but if you’re not seeing what you want, check out our Reviews and Waifu pages for even more posts.

We’ve got plenty of titles lined up for the future, but we’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to leave us a comment here, or message us on Twitter! So, once again, thanks for visiting!

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